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BODY AND MIND                           13

is not a thing which you determine to do, and
which you consider about; it is a thing which
happens without your interference with it; and
in fact it is not you who wink your eye, but
your body that does it. This is called Auto-
matic or involuntary motion, or again it is
called Reflex action, because it is a purely
mechanical thing, A wave runs along that
nerve, and comes back on another nerve, and
that without any deliberation ; and at the point
where it stops and comes back it is just a re-
lection like the wave which you send along a
string, and which comes back from the end of the
string, or like a wave of water which is sent up
igainst a sea-wall, and which reflects itself back
along the sea*

V. " The motion of any given portion of the
matter of the brain^ excited by the 'motion of a
sensory nerve^ leaves behind it a readiness to be
moved in the same 'way in that part^ and any-
thing which resuscitates the motion gives rise to
t/ie appropriate feeling* This is the physical
nechanism of memory" We can, perhaps,
nake this a little more clear in the following
nanner:—Suppose two messages are sent at
mce to the brain; each of them Is reflected
)ack, but the two disturbances which they set
ip in the brain create, in some way or other, a
ink between them, so that when one of these
listurbances is set up afterwards the other one